One Year After Hurricane Irene... The time had come for us to replace our Komori 4 color offset press. We had begun looking around but were in no particular hurry. Hurricane Irene changed all that when it gutted our plant last year. The river water flash flooded through our complex over 6 feet deep in some areas. Even though the level only reached about a foot deep within our building, we found out firsthand how much damage that amount of water can cause. Computers, paper, rugs, furniture, walls, etc, all needed to be replaced. Amazingly, thanks to our terrific crew and help from many others, we were only non-operational for 2 days after the water receded. The effort was heroic in fact, especially given the smell that a river leaves behind in everything.

The final piece to our re-building was the installation of our new 6 color Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 74 this summer. Fully re-tooled, we're moving forward... and the place looks better than ever.
FCCF honors Sydney

In support of one of our favorite charities...

The Fighting Children's Cancer Foundation honors Sydney Becker for her efforts to help others through her inspirational blog and public speaking.